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Annual Rehab Special

This is your intervention, it’s time to get organized!

Special Ends September 30, 2023

Whether You Need to Fix Your Current Entity or Need a New One

Get Cleaned Up

Entity Clean Up

  • Attorney review of existing entity docs and recommended changes and additions.
  • Consult with Attorney up to 30 minutes on entity and recommend changes and additions.
  • Draft changes and complete any missing documents (operating agreement, minutes, etc.)

$895 $845 plus state filing fees (if applicable)

Get a New Entity

LLC or S-Corp

  • LLC or S-Corp Set-Up with state and all required docs.
  • Consult with Attorney up to 1 hour on legal and tax and questions for the new entity.
  • We file all docs with state, obtain IRS EIN, and complete operating agreement, minutes, and corporate book.

$1,195 $1,095 plus state filing fees

Get Your Trifecta

Business Entity Structure Consult

  • Trifecta diagram (business, assets, estate) with recommendation and actions items.
  • Consult with Attorney up to 1.5 Hours regarding business entity structuring and entity tax questions (new or existing).
  • Includes new entity set-up or clean-up or amendments to an existing entity.

$1,595 $1,395 plus state filing fees

3 Services, 1 Special

You may need this IF:

  • You did a “DIY LLC” to save a couple bucks, but only have one paper to show for it.
  • You filed in the wrong state, the wrong entity type, or want a name change.
  • You set up an entity “years ago”, but are unsure what happened to it.

If any of these (or something similar) sound like your situation,  THIS SPECIAL IS FOR YOU!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which Service Should I Get?

A: It depends, but in general, you should get:

an Entity Clean Up if you set-up your entity (LLC or S-Corp) and only have 1 paper to show for it.

a New Entity if your existing entity is too far gone. You may have set up your entity in the wrong state, checked the wrong boxes, or with the wrong name.

a Business Entity Structure Consult if you are wanting to take your business planning and structure to the next level. This service will include a new entity AND a trifecta diagram tailored to your situation.

If you still feel uncertain, call the firm today at 888-801-0010

Q: What if I Buy a Clean Up, but I End Up Needing a New Entity?

A: If you are in a consult the attorney determines that you will need a new entity, we can credit the amount paid for the clean up towards the new entity. You will not need to pay both prices.

You will be billed for any extra attorney time used.

Q: What is the difference between the Trifecta Consult and a New Entity?

A: The Trifecta Consult includes everything the New Entity inlcudes and more. The biggest benefit of the Trifecta consult is we map out your entire structure into a map that will help you both get organized and stay organized.

If you want to learn more about the Trifecta, check out this video: Every American Building Wealth NEEDS to Know The Trifecta – 10 Reasons Why

Additional Resources

Information about the Clean Up

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Information About Getting a New Entity

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Information about the Business Entity Structure Consult

This consult is all about creating a roadmap for your business. If you are wanting to clean up more than just an entity, this consult is for you. Watch or listen to this episode to learn more about the power of the Trifecta.