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S-Corp Entity Formation

  • S-Corp Set-Up with state and all required docs. File s-election with IRS.
  • Consult with Attorney up to 1 hour on legal and tax and questions for the new entity.
  • We file all docs with state, obtain IRS EIN, and complete operating bylaws, minutes, and corporate book.

$1,195 plus state filing fees

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is an S-Corp the right entity type for me?

A: Will your business make active (not passive) income? Is your business projected to net $40-$50k per year? If yes, an S-Corp makes sense for you!

Q: Will an S-Corp help save me taxes?

A: Yes! S-Corp structure will help you save on Self Employment Tax or FICA. You only pay the SE tax on the amount of salary you take from the S-Corp.

Q: I have a few businesses, should I have multiple S-Corps?

A: Not typically, our attorneys will typically suggest having one S-Corp that will then own your other business or be the partner in your partnership ventures.

Q: What is the purpose of Officers and Directors?

A: Officers (President, Secretary & Treasurer) run the day-to-day tasks for the Company. The Board of Directors will make the decisions for the Company. These positions can all be one person if you like.

Articles & Other Videos

Maintaining Your S-Corporation

I wish that it was as easy as just filing a form with the State and you have magical tax savings and bullet-proof asset protection, but that’s simply not the case.  Operating your business in the S-Corporation format can provide some amazing benefits, but if we don’t take care of the basics it could cause a lot of unexpected problems.