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Kyler, Kohler, Ostermiller & Sorensen, LLP was founded by attorneys passionate about helping small business owners around the country. Many entrepreneurs don’t know where to turn for clear, understandable legal advice that is both affordable and tailored to their needs. KKOS Lawyers assists clients nationwide, giving straight and honest answers to tough tax and legal questions at affordable prices…so

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  • Working with Mat, and everyone on the Kyler Kohler Ostermiller & Sorensen team has been amazing. Not only has Matt assisted me with setting up entities, but I have also had the privilege of learning from him on advanced legal strategies in a college style classroom. Matt knows his stuff, and provides expert legal services for business owners and investors of all type.
    Christian Sadler
  • I was referred to Matt for help in setting up an IRA owned LLC. Matt and his team did an incredible job completing the work in a few short days. The process was professional, efficient and cost effective. I continue to rely on Matt for guidance running the LLC and related real estate matters. Not only is Matt a good lawyer, he runs a great office. It is easy for me to recommend Matt and his team.
    Richard Davis
  • Mat’s advice can be trusted. He is both knowledgeable about the impact of potential litigation and brings creativity to all that he does. It is enjoyable to work with him.
    Bill Carlson
  • I just wanted to drop a note and thank you and your staff for outstanding service on the work you have done for us! Any service organization is graded by their performance and your company is 2nd to none! Congratulations on operating such a respected company.
    Gary Hamilton
  • My wife and I recently sought Mat’s help with estate planning and couldn’t have been more satisfied. Mat’s professionalism, honesty, creativity and attention to detail is second to none. What impresses me the most about Mat can be summed up as “diverse”. Mat’s vast knowledge and experience in a plethora of differing areas of the law is astounding. I highly recommend Mat to my clients and friends seeking legal help.
    Kade Creamer
  • Wow, Mark is a top notch attorney/CPA. He has the knowledge of both so you know that when you are doing business with Mark you are getting the best advice for both areas. He is so fun to work with and he really makes legal and tax stuff fun and amazingly interesting (as if we ever thought that could be!!!!) I highly recommend Mark, and will continue to use him as my attorney and CPA going forward without any reservations.
    Orletha A.
  • Mat Sorensen is a highly qualified professional, skill in business creation and organization, estate planning, tax strategies, and using retirement plans to invest in alternative assets. I have hundreds of clients who have used Mat and his firm to represent them in complex transactions, as well as for my personal needs. His knowledge, experience, integrity and professionalism place Mat among the best attorneys that I have ever worked with.
    Jim Allfrey
  • Mark is an attorney/CPA who gets excited about legally, ethically and morally saving money on our taxes. He teaches us strategies that we can use TODAY to maximize our deductions and minimize taxes. He has produced amazing results, reviewing taxes and obtaining refunds based on taking deductions that other CPA’s missed. He is a family man with tremendous integrity and an expert in BOTH legal and tax matters. I definitely recommend Mark and his company for anyone!
    Cindy Logan
  • I have worked with Mark on multiple deals and have turned all my financial paperwork over to him. I have finally been able to sleep at night after tax season knowing that I have a trusted professional that will handle all my taxes both personally and for all my LLC’s. He is so easy to deal with and working with. Mark is like having that Angel on your shoulder. I’d be a mess without him!
    Dan Zitofsky
  • I have taken Mark’s classes and consulted with his firm in setting up my legal structures for running my business. I’ve gotten great advice that has saved me tons of money, time and worry. I highly recommend Mark and his firm!
    Sharon Wenger
  • I had a case field against me in Utah’s Fifth District Court that would have significantly impacted my business as well as me personally. I engaged Mathew Sorensen at KKOS Lawyers and he quickly went to work with the opposing counsel and outlined the legal issues and facts in the case and was able to get the case dismissed within about one month’s time. I would highly recommend Mat to anyone needing competent and effective representation.

    B. W.