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  • by Mat Sorensen
    The IRS continues to issue updated guidance on all things crypto. We help you make sense of it. When you buy Bitcoin and sell it for a profit, you are subject to capital-gains taxes. This is the case whether you buy Bitcoin and sell it for dollars or whether you exchange it for other cryptocurrencies for a profit. This […]
  • by Mat Sorensen
    Tax season is upon us, and if you’re unsure of how this affects your crypto wallet, then you need to see this. Tax season is here, and if you’ve had any transactions related to crypto, there is a lot you need to know. Mark and I break down some vital information on our webinar about […]
  • by Mat Sorensen
    Solo 401(k)s have become a popular retirement plan option for self-employed persons. These plans put the business owner in control of the plan but with that control also comes responsibility. Unfortunately, many solo 401(k) plans are not properly maintained and are at the risk of significant penalty and/or plan termination. If you have a solo […]
  • by Mat Sorensen
    Every buyer of a small business should consider the following three key legal issues when acquiring a business. 1. Buy Assets and Not Liabilities. Most small business purchases are done as what are called “Asset Purchases”. In an Asset Purchase the buyer of the business acquires the assets of the business only. The assets include […]
  • by Mark J. Kohler
    There are several HOT deductions that many taxpayers don’t consider and just ‘leave money on the table’. Here are 6 under utilized write-offs that in my opinion should be a healthy line item on any legitimate small business tax return: The post Last Minute Tax Strategies Before Filing appeared first on Mark J. Kohler.
  • by Mark J. Kohler
    More and more real estate investors are adding 'short-term rental' properties to their portfolios and with a lot of success. However, many still have questions about where to place them in their tax and legal structure. The post How Short-Term Rentals are Taxed appeared first on Mark J. Kohler.
  • by Mark J. Kohler
    I truly believe that an LLC for every rental property isn't needed for the far majority of real estate investors.  It's expensive, cumbersome and provides nominal benefit when there's not a lot of equity in their rentals....yet!! The post How Many Properties Should I Put in My LLC? appeared first on Mark J. Kohler.
  • by Mark J. Kohler
    But what if you STILL owe taxes for whatever reason and the May 17th deadline is really concerning you?  Here's what you need to do in order to minimize any penalties and interest. The post How Much Should I Send in with my April 18th Extension? appeared first on Mark J. Kohler.

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