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  • by Mat Sorensen
    Breaking News: Federal Judge Strikes Down Corporate Transparency Act! Get the scoop on how this impacts LLCs and corporations. Plus, key compliance deadlines and what it means for you! The post Corporate Transparency Act Ruled Unconstitutional appeared first on Mat Sorensen.
  • by Mat Sorensen
        The new federal BOI reporting requirement has prompted an increase in dissolutions as business owners and investors are cleaning out entities they no longer use so that they will not have to complete the new BOI filing on these entities starting in 2024. The end of the year is an excellent time to […]
  • by Mat Sorensen
    Seller financed deals can be a win-win strategy for buyers and seller of real estate or businesses. Seller financing means the seller of the asset, whether a business or property, agrees to take payments over time for the purchase price and as a result the seller is financing the sale of the asset to the […]
  • by Mat Sorensen
    The Internet has allowed families to prepare basic estate planning documents from documents online and at affordable prices. However, the increase in affordability and convenience found on the web has created a false sense of security and inadequate planning that has caused disasters for many families as many do it yourself estate plans fail to […]
  • by Mark J. Kohler
    When it comes to these ever increasing expenses and strategies to make us more successful in our business, we should be looking for ways to deduct them. The post How to Write-Off Your Technology Expenses and Cell Phone appeared first on Mark J. Kohler.
  • by Mark J. Kohler
    It's scary for many of us to think where our address is posted publicly and how easy it would be for someone to find it. The post How to Hide My Home Address from the Public appeared first on Mark J. Kohler.
  • by Mark J. Kohler
    Many business owners don’t realize that they still may need to file a tax return even if the business didn’t make any money this past year. Filing is an Extension for your business doesn’t cost anything and it’s an easy way to avoid any penalties and give you additional time to file a more accurate […]
  • by Mark J. Kohler
    You may think your new business and idea needs 100% of your attention and time…however, what your business really needs more than your time is YOUR financial stability. The post Entrepreneur Steps Before Quitting Your Day Job appeared first on Mark J. Kohler.

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