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(aka, checkbook control IRA)

  • Set-up of IRA owned LLC (or 401k/LLC) with all necessary IRA docs required by IRA custodians who allows for IRA/LLCs
  • Consult with Attorney up to 1 Hour on IRA/LLC and self-directed questions regarding the planned use of the IRA/LLC.
  • Includes IRA LLC operating agreement and specific clauses IRA custodians require for an IRA or 401k to own an LLC. We file with state, obtain EIN, and prepare company minutes and corporate book.

$1,195 for single member, $1,495 for multi-member or a Series LLC plus state filing fees 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What state should I set up the IRA/LLC in?

We generally recommend setting up the LLC in the state where the LLC will own assets. If the IRA/LLC is buying real estate, we would recommend the state where the property is located. For non-real property assets we generally set up the LLC in the state of the IRA owner except in certain instances where the state fees may be high. This is something to discuss with your attorney during your consult.

Q: Where do I set up my self-directed IRA?

Our sister company, Directed IRA, can establish your self-directed IRA and has a low annual fee of $295. An IRA/LLC consists of two parts, first, a self-directed IRA with a custodian who allows for IRA/LLCs (Directed IRA), and second, an LLC that is tailored to be owned by an IRA and has IRA required provisions (set up by KKOS Lawyers).

Q: How do I get started?

We have an all-in-one application that sets up the self-directed IRA Directed IRA and gives the LLC intake to KKOS Lawyers. That can be completed entirely online, here.

Articles & Other Videos

What is a Checkbook IRA/LLC?

The Checkbook IRA/LLC consists of a self-directed IRA and an LLC (with IRA provisions). IRA/LLCs, commonly referred to as a “checkbook control IRAs”, are used by many self-directed investors, particularly those doing rental real estate or short term-flips where an LLC business checking account and LLC asset protection benefit the IRA and the IRA owner.

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How to Use an IRA/LLC or Checkbook IRA

Join Mat and Mark as they break down how to set up the perfect structure to partner you IRA with other accounts or other individuals and build a mega IRA account the checkbook LLC is a unique structure that many don’t understand.

What is a Multi-Member IRA/LLC?

The Multi-Member IRA/LLC is the structure to use when you want to partner multiple accounts into one LLC to buy a particular asset or sets of assets. It can be a great option to partner with multiple accounts.

Article - What is a Multi-Member IRA/LLC?