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Gun Trust

  • A document tailored to make ownership of NFA firearms easier, reduce the risk of criminal prosecution against a firearm owner, aid in estate planning, protect against certain government seizures of firearms, and reduce the impact of future firearms transfer laws.
  • 1 Hour Attorney Consultation
  • Includes gun trust documents, amendment template for adding/removing trustees, and an assignment of asset template.


Gun Trust

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need a gun trust if I have a Revocable Living Trust?

A: If you have NFA firearms, definitely. If you don’t have NFA firearms, it can still be beneficial to have a gun trust for “regular” firearms so you can have different trustees, holding periods, or distribution terms. Depending on the trustee, putting firearms in your RLT could unknowingly put your trustee at risk of criminal prosecution.

Q: Does the gun trust work the same in every state?

A: No. There are three levels of government that can potentially regulate firearms: Federal, State, and Local (city or county). The gun trust will apply the same to the Federal laws regardless of what state it is in, but problems arise in States that heavily regulate firearms, such as California and New York.

Q: Does the gun trust enable me to possess weapons I wouldn’t be allowed to legally possess?

A: No. The trust is allowed to own anything that is allowed by law, but any trustee or beneficiary who is unable to legally possess the firearm or other item would generally still be prohibited from possessing the firearm.