KKOS Paralegal Entity Set-Up Service

The KKOS Paralegal service is an exciting new aspect to our law firm. We have responded to our clients’ request for discounted incorporation and estate planning services, but with the quality and backing of a legitimate law firm.
We believe there are a lot of online incorporation services on the Web that actually harms new business owners rather than help them. They don’t complete the process from start to finish and give misdirection, bad advice and sometimes overcharge when they sell multiple entities. The far majority of the time, these companies are not even law firms.

At KKOS we want to give you the confidence and quality of real law firm, but with the prices of an online incorporation service. A ‘real’ Paralegal will assist you during this process and will contact you as soon as you fill out the forms on the next few pages/links.

Also, please remember, if you are just getting started and have a lot of questions, you may want to consider the full-service attorney support and consultation. Please call and speak with our Paralegals at (888) 801-0010 if you are interested in the more comprehensive service.