Mat Sorensen, Partner

Mat Sorensen, Partner

Mat Sorensen has been at the forefront of the self-directed IRA industry for over a decade. He’s a CEO, lawyer, best-selling author, podcast host, national speaker and expert on self-directed investing.


Mat is the founder and CEO of
Directed IRA and Directed Trust Company. Directed IRA handles all types of self-directed accounts – Traditional and Roth IRAs, HSAs, Coverdell ESA, Solo 401(k)s, and custodial accounts – typically invested into real estate, private companies, IRA/LLCs, notes, PE/VC Funds, and cryptocurrency. Directed Trust Company is an Arizona-regulated trust company serving clients nationwide.


Mat has advised thousands of clients with self-directed retirement plan investments and has established IRA/LLCs, partnerships, private offerings, corporations, and other investment structures involving self-directed IRAs and 401(k)s. In addition to account owners, his clients have included trust companies, financial institutions, insurance companies, hedge funds, investment sponsors, and third-party administrators.

Mat regularly consults self-directed IRA owners on IRC
§ 4975, prohibited transaction rules, UBTI and UDFI taxes, and has represented self-directed IRA owners before the IRS Appeals Office and the U.S. Tax Court.


Attorney-at-Law Magazine profiled Mat’s legal practice on self-directed IRAs in “Building a Niche Practice”, and awarded him “Attorney of the Month” in the feature, “Mat Sorensen: The Master of IRA Investments.”

Mat is the best-selling author of
The Self-Directed IRA Handbook: An Authoritative Guide for Self-Directed Retirement Plan Investors and Their Advisors. The Self Directed IRA Handbook has received numerous distinctions:

  •           Over 20,000 copies sold.
  •           The most-widely used and referenced book in the self-directed IRA industry.
  •           Endorsed or used for training by nearly all major self-directed IRA custodians.
  •           Used by the national association for the industry (RITA) as part of industry certification.
  •           A five-start rated Amazon Best-Seller.


Mat co-hosts the long-running
Refresh Your Wealth podcast, a weekly podcast on tax, legal, business and investing topics essential to the American business owner, investor and entrepreneur.


Mat routinely speaks to investors and professional groups on self-directed IRA topics. Mat is the host and keynote speaker of the annual
Self-Directed IRA Summit. Read more about what people have to say about Mat.

J.D., University of Maryland School of Law, 2004

B.S. Economics, University of Utah, 2001


Representative Business Matters

  •           Established over 1,000 corporations, LLC’s, and partnerships for clients. Advised numerous clients in raising tens of millions of dollars for real estate and other business/investment ventures by using Private Placement Memorandums/Regulation Form D Offerings and by using creative partnership and joint venture structures.
  •           Represented Utah Seller in successful $2.5 Million internet supply company asset sale.
    Represented Utah Buyer in $2.7 Million purchase of construction/hardware company involving a traditional bank and creative seller financing terms and agreements.
  •           Represented numerous buyers and sellers of businesses ranging from dental and medical practices to coffee shops, gas stations, and laundromats.
  •           Represented CompHealth, a medical staffing company with thousands of employees across the U.S., as an in-house attorney and handled tax, regulatory, contract, and employment matters.
  •           Worked in the Legal Department of Fiducial, Inc., an international franchisor of accounting and financial services and handled franchise law, employment, collections, and contract cases.
  •           Advised hundreds of clients on asset protection structures and procedures to protect the client’s assets from the risks and liabilities of their businesses and investments.
  •           Routinely advise clients on business filings, amendments, dissolutions, stock and membership transfers, and on buy-sell and stock option matters.


Self Directed Retirement Planning & ERISA

  •           Mat has advised over 1,000 clients who self-direct their retirement accounts in alternative investments to ensure that their investments comply with the prohibited transaction rules in IRC § 4975 and ERISA.
  •           Represent clients in self-directed IRA matters before the IRS and in the U.S. Tax Court.
    Routinely advise retirement plan clients on UBTI and UDFI taxes in retirement plan investments.
  •           Advised numerous clients on private offerings seeking retirement plan funds and on the plan asset rules, fiduciary rules, and other requirements to such structures.
  •           Routinely advise clients in finding solutions and structures to achieve investment objectives. He has helped clients establish legitimate IRA/LLC’s and partnerships for the investment of their accounts and work with their client account custodians and administrators in creating legitimate investment structures that are in compliance with IRC § 4975 and/or ERISA.


Representative Real Estate Matters

  •           Drafted, negotiated and have advised clients on hundreds of real estate transactions ranging from ski resort condominium developments to large commercial properties, to single-family rental properties.
  •           Drafted, advised, and recorded CC&R’s, Declarations and Plats for dozens of developments, PUD’s and condominiums.
  •           Obtained numerous zone changes and conditional use permits for real estate developers and investors including changes from residential to commercial.
  •           Former owner and manager of Utah Title Company which conducted approximately $100 Million in real estate transactions from 2006 to 2010.
  •           Advised numerous developers and property owners on HOA issues including an investment company who took over development and its HOA following the foreclosure of the original developer.



In addition to practicing law, Mat is a partner of a real estate development company, a commercial real estate holding company, and has owned and managed a title insurance agency.

Mat was a guitarist in a classic rock cover band known as Spilbeedog.