Mark J. Kohler

Mark J. Kohler

B.S. Accounting, University of Utah;
M.S. Accounting, University of Utah;
J.D., Willamette University, 2000
[email protected]

Mark J. Kohler, M.Pr.A., C.P.A., J.D., is a best-selling author on asset protection and tax planning; national speaker; radio show host; blogger for Entrepreneur.com; real estate investor; and partner at the law firm, Kyler, Kohler, Ostermiller & Sorensen; and the CPA firm of Kohler & Eyre.

Mark is a personal and small business tax and legal expert, who helps clients build and protect wealth through wealth management strategies, and business and tax remedies often overlooked in this challenging, ever-changing economic climate. His seminars have helped tens of thousands of individuals and small business owners navigate the maze of legal, regulatory and financial laws to greater success and wealth.

Mark’s valuable advice can be found in his powerful first book, Lawyers Are Liars: The Truth About Protecting Our Assets. Mark’s bestselling follow-up; What Your CPA Isn’t Telling You – Life-Changing strategies, is a fictional story that brings tax planning alive, published by Entrepreneur.

In his third and #1 bestseller, The Tax and Legal Playbook, Mark shares his game-changing solutions for your small-business questions. In his newest release and #1 bestseller, The Business Owners Guide To Financial Freedom: What Wall Street Isn’t Telling You, Mark reveals the secrets behind successfully investing in our business while bypassing Wall Street influenced financial planners.

Mark has a loyal following of fans through his weekly radio show, which can be accessed at www.refreshyourwealth.com.. Mark is a proud father of four beautiful children and husband to his lovely wife, Jen. They reside in Rexburg, Idaho where Mark spends his free time improving his fishing skills and enjoying the outdoors!

For more information on Mark please visit his personal website at www.markjkohler.com