7th Annual Self Directed Solo 401(k) Special

November 1st – December 1st

4 Key Points to Consider When Using a Solo 401(k)

1. Over $50k in Annual Contributions

A solo(k) can receive over $50K annually in new contributions and is an optimal savings tool for self-employed persons.

2. Self-Directed and Self-Trustee

The solo 401(k) is self-directed and you, as the business owner, serve as trustee and will have checkbook control of your own solo(k) bank checking account.

3. Must be Self-Employed with No Employees

In order to qualify for a solo(k) you must be self-employed with no other full-time employees.

4. Roth & Traditional Accounts

A solo 401(k) can have both Roth and Traditional accounts and the business owner’s spouse may also have accounts if they also work in the business.

Getting Started

Step 1 – The Set-Up

Express Service Set-Up

$445 ($495)

 What it Includes:

  • The Self Directed Solo 401(k) Set-Up.
  • All the Documents needed in a Plan Document Binder.
  • A great option for those who know what they are doing.

If you have questions, You can schedule a 15min call with our 401k Paralegal, Krystie Rice. She can be contacted (888) 801-0010 x 2018 or [email protected].

Step 2 – Choose a Maintenance Plan

A Maintenance Plan is required with (any) 401k plan in the country. This is because there are regular ‘plan updates’ required by the IRS and DOL, and protocol that needs to be followed in managing and operating a 401k. We try to keep the cost affordable and give you 2 options to chose from.

Annual Compliance Plan (ACP)

$150 Annually

  • Annual Plan Updates with IRS and DOL (Required)
  • Do it yourself type account maintenance (for those with more experience)
  • You choose the bank to set-up and manage your 401k Bank Account
  • You are responsible for all record keeping and any IRS filings for the 401k

“This plan is for those clients that know what they are doing and just want the bare minimum of service required by the IRS or DOL”

Full Service Custodial Account with Directed IRA

$300 ($350)
($50 off your first year account fee)

  • Annual Plan Updates with IRS and DOL (Required)
  • Directed IRA is the custodian of your 401k account.
  • Directed IRA holds and manages the funds similar to any other retirement account.
  • Directed IRA Handles Record-keeping and all required filing with the IRS

If you have questions on which Maintenance Plan is best, You can schedule a 15min call with our 401k Paralegal, Krystie Rice. She can be contacted (888) 801-0010 x 2018 or [email protected].

Step 3 – Fill out the Plan Application

After checkout, you will IMMEDIATELY start filling out the Application for the 401k.
This will allow our Paralegals to start preparing and filing your 401k as quickly as possible.

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What is a Self Directed Solo 401(k)?

Pretty much exactly what it sounds like: an individual 401(k) designed for a business owner with no employees.
Just want the need-to-know basics about this retirement account?

Break Down

Solo 401(k)

Eligibility rules

No age or income restrictions. Business must have no employees, except for the owner, their spouse or children, and business partners with ownership in the business.

Contribution limit

$19,500 in 2021 with an additional $6,000 catch-up contribution if 50 or older. Total contribution with matching can be up to a total of $58,000.

Choose your deduction

Traditional 401(k): Deduction for contributions, reducing taxable income for the year.
Roth 401(k): Not deduction for contributions, but matches from the company are deductible

Taxes on qualified distributions in retirement

Traditional 401(k): Qualified distributions are taxed as income.
Roth 401(k): Qualified distributions are tax-free.

Year-End Tax Savings

Take advantage of special year-end tax saving strategies, that aren’t otherwise available during the year.

Start Retirement at Your Speed

Start your retirement savings now at a speed that you can control and feel comfortable.


Bank Account Signing/Control

With a Self Directed Solo 401(k), you have checkbook control of your retirement funds

Contribute up to $58k

You will be able to contribute up to $58,000 into your Self Directed Solo 401(k) for 2021.

Self-Directed Freedom

Leave a legacy for generations to come with the freedom of self-directed investments.

Attorney Consult Support

No need to worry! We offer a full-service package that includes up to 60 minutes with an experienced tax attorney!