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Thank you for signing up for the 2021 Company Maintenance Special.

(Please read! More information might be needed to set up services!)

This special is designed to give you a look into what this department can do for you. The Company Maintenance Department will file your annual State renewal (if needed) along with preparing your own customized Annual Minutes.

With all the new information we are receiving at the time of this Special, we will need a day or two to collect all the needed information for you. Once we have completed our research, you will receive an email from us letting you know what MONTH your services will be completed. This email will have additional contact information for you if you have any further questions.

Even though you are paying the discounted price of $99 now, it might not be time for your services to be completed. Services must be completed in compliance with the Secretary of State and when your entity was first registered with the State.

IMPORTANT: If KKOS did not set up your entity, we will need the following documents to complete services, please send us the following:

  • Stamped Articles from the State
  • Operating Agreement or Bylaws
  • EIN for the Company (Letter from IRS)
  • Company Address and Registered Agent and their address
  • LLC-Each Member/Manager of the company & the amount of ownership each has
  • Corporations- Each Shareholder and the number of shares & all officer information (Name & addresses)
  • Please email all documents to [email protected]

We appreciate this opportunity to work with you and we will be in touch soon!

The Company Maintenance Department

Becky Lloyd
Company Maintenance Department Supervisor
T: 435.586.9366 ext. 2005
[email protected]