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Self Directed Retirement Law

KKOS Lawyers has been assisting clients with self-directed retirement accounts for nearly ten years and we have advised hundreds of clients on IRA/LLC’s, prohibited transactions rules, fiduciary requirements, investment due diligence, audits, UBIT and UDFI taxes, private placement offerings seeking retirement plan funds, valuations, and on creative structures that meet investment objectives and comply with current law.

It is important to use a lawyer who is experienced in the legal area of IRC 4975 (prohibited transaction rules) and ERISA when establishing and IRA/LLC. Our firm’s lawyers are experienced in these areas and will complete the appropriate documents so that your IRA/LLC will be in compliance with the law.

Our IRA/LLC set-up includes attorney consultations and all of the necessary documents your custodian may require. Our IRA/LLC set up also includes a memo and letter from our firm outlining the legal basis for the IRA/LLC and a list of simple do’s and don’ts to help you stay in compliance with the law.

Our fees for an IRA/LLC start at $800 + State Filing Fees if owned by one IRA (or any retirement account) to $1,500 if owned by multiple partners or retirement accounts.

Please visit Active Partner Mat Sorensen’s site for more resources and information regarding self directing your retirement plan funds. CLICK HERE