Wills and Power of Attorney

This lack of planning costs families all across the United States millions of dollars every year in Probate costs, Attorney fees, and Estate Taxes. Not to mention the loss of time and the heartache of family quarrels after the passing of a loved one.
Plan to save on Estate Taxes, avoid Probate, and plan for your spouse, children, and loved ones.
Having no estate plan can actually harm your family! Do you want a few examples?

  • Terri Shiavo on life support for 7 years and battle to pull the plug!
  • Anna Nicole Smith tries to get an inheritance from J. Howard Marshall (which is still in litigation) and then dies with her own Will in controversy!
  • Howard Hughes, Kurt Cobain, and Sonny Bono just to name a few die with no Will and thrust their families into Court for years!

KKOS Lawyers can easily help you set up your Estate Plan with comprehensive telephone conferences, personal meetings, Fed Ex, email, and fax. Your Estate Plan can be created in a simple, affordable and timely manner. Don’t feel like you have to sit in a stuffy law office and travel great distances to get your Estate Plan completed.

Call now for a free 15-minute consultation to interview an actual attorney that will work with you to design your Estate Plan from start to finish.
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Every Estate Plan includes a Living Will, Powers of Attorney for Health Care, Powers of Attorney for Finances, Will and/or Trust, Memorandum of Specific Gifts, Final Instructions, Location of Important Documents and Family Records- all compiled in a leather binder for your convenience. Tailored to the laws of your state for years to come to no matter where you may move in the future.