Purchase S-Corporation

Purchase S-Corporation

A Paralegal will be in touch immediately (if during business hours) or the beginning of the next business day to process your payment and paperwork. PLEASE contact our paralegal team at 888-801-0010 or [email protected] if you have any immediate questions or concerns. Thank you so much for your order and we hope to be of great service to you!!

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  • The name of the company will end in Corp, Corporation, or Inc. Please indicate your preference. The name you select for the corporation must not be in use by another company and we will search the name availability before sending you documents.
  • *Additional State Filing Fee Applied.
  • Please list the type of business that will be conducted in the Corporation (e.g. real estate). We will list that the Corporation can conduct any business allowed by law but we must also state a specific business category/purpose. If the Corporation will be performing services that requires a professional licensed your state may require that only licensed person(s) can be shareholder, officers and directors and the name of the company will end in Professional Corporation or P.C.